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Abstract Art Colour and Size Customization

So you've seen the designs but perhaps you're wondering if they would suit your living area. Well each piece of art can be adjusted to the colours and tones to suit your home or office as well as sized to suit the area. You can send me a photo of the room you want to match the art too and I can superimpose an image in there so you can see what it looks like.

Below is an example customization of colours. (please click on the images to view a larger image)

If you would like to purchase any of the below colour variations please contact me as there are slight textural variations when the pieces are rendered to a larger size. I'd be happy to show you what they look like on request.

Heatwaves Colour and Textural variations

The first image is the original image 'Heatwaves' but with my love of textures I've added plenty more to the background as well as to the "wave" and just changed the colour of the "wave" so it can be suited to different colour environments. They are also more toned down to suit a larger range of environments.

Flowing Colour Variation

This is the only colour variation (so far) of Flowing.

Quiet Moments Colour Variations

While creating this piece I came across several colour options that I liked. The last abstract Quiet Moments was the one that I chose but I would like to hear what you think.