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Interior Design for the Home or Office with Abstract Art Prints

You may find a piece of Art that you love but it just wont suit the interior design of your home or office. That is where Digital Art can be so effective as it can be custom coloured to suit your environment. With the colours adjusted to suit the interior there is more of a sense of balance within the room which is more pleasurable to the eye and general feeling of the room. I like to create art that makes you feel good. Something in it that gives a sense of wonder or an uplifting feeling and to combine that with colour adjustments makes it perfect for a contemporary, modern home.

Working with Interior Designers

My doors are wide open to working with interior designers to colour match abstract art with a home or office environment. Located just north of the Sunshine Coast I would be most willing to meet on a regular basis to discuss clients needs. For other areas of Australia, all i need is colour samples and I can match the abstract art to suit them.

See an example of abstract art colour customization ...

See how Abstract Art look in a lounge-room...